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I travel a lot (3 times a month) to Europe from the US, I'm constantly changing money or using my credit card and everyone just rips me off!! With ChangeAp I get the true value for my money. It has saved me until now hundreds of dollars.
This app saved me 300$, I was about to swap money at a local change, my friend told me about this app that allows you to swap with other people, I changed 4000 for a trip to the far east and it saved that about of money in comparison to the change. I would strongly recommend this app to anyone.


Does it realy save money?

Yes, because you exchange money with the official exchange rate, you don't get a % of you money taken just because you want to exchange money or get a lower rate than the official exchange rate resulting with more money in your pocket.

Is it secure?

We make sure to comply with the most restricted security requirements and get audited by a third party company to assure we are with the top security,

How can I use ChangeAp?

Just go to the end of the page and download the a client based on your phone's OS. Open the app and start exchanging!

How a Social Money Exchange Economy Can Save Individuals A Lot of Money?

When it comes to social money exchange, the initial concept is actually to efficiently connect people who are already fed up in losing significant cut every time they try to exchange their money with a bank or money exchange agency. With the increasing number of start-ups that are looking for partnerships with P2P solutions online, there has been great demand for money exchange platforms that are reliable and convenient to use.

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